Pigments 5 - using too much CPU still

Just bought P5 and I can literally only hold 4 notes until I start getting crackles / drop outs.

Pretty much useless to me :frowning:

Really disappointed. I thought they’d improved performance. Anyone else having issues? I’m using the VST with Ableton Live 10.

I’ve got a macbook pro with osx 11.7.6 (Big Sur)

Processor is 2.2 Ghz Quad Core Intel Core i7 with 16GB RAM

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H @soundsofsynth . Welcome to the community.

Have you activated the Multicore mode in Settings in Pigments right panel? That setting is what have been added.

Which soundcard do you use, and att which samplerate and buffer size are you running?


Ahh…multicore was off. Turned that ON and I can now play more than 4 notes. CPU in Ableton goes up to around 35% which is still high but I’m not getting dropouts which is great.

samplerate is 48000 and buffer 256.

I’m using a Scareltt 18i8 audio interface

Thanks a lot for the help


You are welcome.

FYI: As you can see on the product page https://www.arturia.com/products/analog-classics/pigments/details , then it does’nt look like you CPU live up to the specification. You should be able to do quite a lot anyway.


Yeah, may be time to buy a new Mac!! But pricey though!!!

Their spec stipulates 4gb RAM. So I thought perhaps with having 16gb RAM it might have made up for the slightly less performance in the CPU.


Sadly it doesn’t work that way. Any VST that isn’t fundamentally just a glorified digital melotron (sample player) is going to be more CPU-heavy than RAM-heavy, including Pigments. Have a look if you can get a good deal on a recent M-series Mac, ideally with the same 16GB RAM you’ve already got. They are exponentially more powerful than the Intel MBPs they replaced.

I recently upgraded from an iMac - 32Gb RAM, i5 CPU to a Mac Mini M2 - 8Gb RAM as I was having issues with multiple Pigments instances in Logic. I immediately saw a drop in CPU usage and was able to play problematic projects with no problems. The latest update introducing Multicore has just made things even better :slight_smile:

I know its pricey to keep upgrading but, for me, it was a worthwhile experience.