Pigments 5 Phase modulation artifacts

Hi, in the video I’m just slowly turning phase modulation up. Could anyone explain these “artifacts” to me? I’m not sure how to even call them.

Here’s the preset: play the c4 note

“Oh my god - its full of stars”.

Isn’t Pigments wonderful? I could not import your patch so recreated it. I am pretty sure there is nothing “wrong”. Given the use of Self Modulating Phase Modulation coupled with Modulation from the Modulator set to a Sawtooth, I think it’s a pretty impressive piece of ambient drone - worthy of Fripp & Eno. As to what to call this effect: what about Phasonic Fluctuation?

I jest.

Everything seems to be fine unless a software developer steps in and say its not. You have something interesting going on there. Try to develop it and see where you end up…

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Just to clarify I never claimed anything is “wrong”, thank God pigments lets me create stuff like this.


Heh LOL !!

Indeed! :sunglasses:

Or you could just thank Arturia :heart_eyes: :star_struck: :heart_eyes:


Hi @rapture237 . Welcome to the community.

If you use a Oscilloscope/ Scope that many DAW’s have, then you at least can see what happens. Perhaps also try to modulate with a slow HZ setting. That might help. But to understand PM fully is another matter.

One can say, that what you hear is because you make the settings you do. But why it behave like this because of those settings and to describe or understand it is another matter.

Thank you, the oscilloscope is open in the bottom right of the video.

Yes my mind was elsewhere. :sleeping: