Pigments 5 parallel filter routing not functional

Since upgrading to Pigments 5 it seems like the parallel filter routing is no longer functional from my testing.


  1. Start from init new preset
  2. Change to a saw waveform (so the impact of the filters is clear)
  3. Enable both filters, pan each to opposite sides to make it obvious which is which (not required, just to make it obvious which filter is being heard)
  4. Enable fx global bypass (not required, just to make sure no fx are having any effect)
  5. Change filter routing to F1 // F2

You’d hear both.

Actual Result:
Only the channel for filter 1 is audible

The same thing happens with the sum and split fx filter routing mode

This was reproduced on macos Ventura 13.6.3 with Pigments (x64) VST3 and Bitwig 5.1.2

Your Output->Filter Mix in the sound engine is turned all the way to Filter 1. Turn the knob towards F2 and you’ll start hearing sound through Filter 2.

Thanks for the help. You’re correct I forgot about the oscillator filter routing.