Pigments 5 best feature

Finally after years, when you open Pigments you get an (almost) EMPTY STARTING PRESET. Good job Arturia, I’m looking forward to see this implemented in all of the V-collection synths. And I hope we don’t revert back when the next sound engine gets released. Please, don’t.

Presets are good, but if somebody needs them there is the browser menu for that, not some showcase sound that gets stale the third time you load the software. How many times can you use the starting preset from a synth anyway (dx7 electric piano aside)?

I was dissatisfied with the latest V collection update (the augmented series is pretty lame, tb-303 and moog update are good though), so I decided to skip it. But Pigments 5 really makes up for it.

Before I needed to edit some xml file in order to load my custom starting preset at opening, and the file would get overwritten at every version update requiring a new edit. New “Welcome” preset saves me to do this over and over again.

Second best feature is reduced CPU load. Other things (GUI, sequencer, phase reset, wavetables) are really nice as well.

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I am about to purchase this .

  • Well thought out GUI. All in one package with a workflow that fits my needs.
  • Works really well in Linux (wine of course)

This will a be fun package to learn

Interestingly I am using Linux as well. I recently transitioned to it from windows for music making and I find it great (Ubuntu Studio + Bitwig & Reaper).

Learning curve on Pigments can be a bit steep, but I am not a sound design w4nk3r and I generally keep my patches pretty simple with fewer modulations. For the most part I treat it like a virtual analog on steroids.

Arturia Software Center for installing and activating works fine on my distro and CPU consumption (thanks to the new 5.0 update) is manageable, although WINE+yabridge generally underperforms compared to native windows.

Still crossing my fingers for native Linux support, though that could be not feasible for the developers since it would require more resources to mantain yet another version of the software.

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Good to hear Pigments works in linux with wine.
Maybe Arturia should contact Moddart (Pianoteq) to see how they support linux natively.

Good news, apparently Arturia uses JUCE language for (some/all ? ) software
which can be Ported to most any Platform.
The bad is Pigments is pretty huge so that may be lots of work.

Made me chuckle,

[ Request / Suggestion] for Pigments

Arturia maybe add a search box in the [+ Add control] The list is huge.

For some reason I missed this new feature, but dear user LBH pointed this in another discussion so I will refer back here: in Pigments 5 you can click the hamburger menu icon in the top left and you can finally save the current patch as your opening preset. Pigments was first released some 5-6 years ago, it took a while but we finally have this basic thing covered as well hehe

EDIT: just checked, this feature is present in all V-collection :metal:t2:

EDIT: grammar

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Good news.
I am switching to Linux for Bitwig.
Mainly because I can use multiple audio interfaces which will hopefully stop me needing to buy more hardware just yet.

Pigments is the only plugin I use that doesn’t support Linux natively.
I dont really mind because I use it on an old laptop and treat it as an external hardwear synth however I will try Yabidge/wine tomorrow.

I have decided that from now on I will only invest in software that runs on all three platforms.

Go Arturia Go… It’s time.