Pigments 4 doesn't recognize MiniFreak as Midi-Controller - why?

Hey guys,

i recently got Pigments. When i try to play Pigments in Standalone Mode with my MiniFreak as a Midi-Controller, that doesn’t work.

My DAW isn’t open, neither is any onther software that would use a Midi-Controller. If i open the MiniFreak V Standalone Plug-In, the Hardware instantly connets and works perfetly fine.

If i open my DAW (FL Studio in this case), the MiniFreak works perfectly as a Midi-Controller for any plugin (including Pigments).

Both in Pigments as well as my DAW i have “Generic Midi Controller” selected. In my DAW however it works while with Pigments, it doesn’t.

Does anyone have an idea why that is? I suspect it to be a Pigments related issue.

Hi @Bleed . Welcome to the community.


It sound like you have’nt selected MiniFreak as Midi controller in the MIDI and audio settings in Pigments standalone. It’s in tne main menu At the top left.

The Generic Midi controller setting that it sound like you have set in the right panel is only for midi CC mappings.

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Yes, that was it! Thanks a lot, i haven’t seen the settings in the top left - i assumed all you can do is select it in the right panel.

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Great @Bleed,

Thanks for reporting back.