Pigments 4 and Maschine 2

Hi all, I cannot get any sound from the Pigments 4 vst, vst3, AU plugin(s) while using a MIDI controller. I am using the latest updates to both Maschine 2, Ableton Live 11 and Pigments.

First of all, Pigments works fine in Standalone and recognizes Keystep Pro.

The problem is that when loaded as a plugin, the GUI loads fine, I can see that MIDI notes are registering, but no sound from controller. If I play the virtual keyboard inside the Pigments plugin, I can hear it fine - but it does not seem to recognize any controllers (Maschine+ in Controller Mode or Keystep Pro).

If I open a 2nd Group in Maschine or open a new MIDI track in Ableton Live and load, for instance, Vital - it works immediately. This seems to be a Pigments plugin issue. I can’t figure out if this is User error or something else - has anyone run into this issue yet?

It could be Pigments internal MIDI Channel setting, if it doesn’t match the channel(s) your controller is outputting note data on. In the Pigments VST, set the Settings->Global Settings->MIDI Channel to “All” and see if it fixes the problem. Also verify that the Ableton MIDI track has its MIDI From settings correct (“All Ins” and “All Channels”, to start with).


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This does indeed sound like an internal midi routing issue within Ableton as @Talahamut suggests.

I’m not aware of anyone else reporting this. I do have a friend who uses Maschine 2 and Pigments, but with Logic.

It would be a good idea to try as @Talahamut suggests and then let us know the outcome.

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Yes, thank-you @Talahamut !

Setting the Pigments plugin settings to ‘ALL’ works!