PianoV goes out-of-tune at random or when rendering to MP3/WAV in FL Studio

I did that experiment, so if you take the latest video-link I sent in here, and replace the filename after the alexdatacomZIETVIDEOindexphp?video= with this: Arturia-PianoV-ReplacedWithMidiMonitors.mp4
then you may see the result of that too.

I am getting warnings for posting many links to the same domain, so this is why we have to do it the hard way, I’m sorry!

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These events (play/pause/stop) seems to be hard-coded into FLstudio’s code. There are no menu’s present that allow me to change that info. I have triple checked (both before, and) just now.

Still, we have confirmed that PianoV is pitching incorrectly when receiving MIDI data that tells it differently (than what PianoV actually does)

I have updated my SUPPORT TICKET to Arturia with what you found as a result of all my tests! So I have given them a direct link to your post, as well as to this whole conversation, so that they may see the video’s and images too, if they like.

We’re half-ways to solving it - as we know what the actual BUG is now. (I will mark your post with “the solution” (that resolved the problem) as soon as we, he he, or the arturia team finds a way to fix this problem)

I just tried the same thing with Arturia Stage 73 V2 - Same result.

Until Arturia come up with a fix, there is a work-a-round for this.

It involves entering an RPN command before any of the notes in your Arturia tracks. .

You need to enter an RPN 0 > 8192 followed by a Pitch Bend > 0 MIDI event before any of the notes in your Arturia tracks. You only need one of each - as long as they proceed any notes.

(I am hoping FL Studio allows you to enter RPNs)

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I found a way to do MIDI-SCRIPTING, by searching for the “RPN command FL studio” type searches on the web.

So far I found a way to move the first 50 mixer faders - to 100% or 50%, by having the script noticing when I press either note 28 or 29 on my keyboard (those are notes E1 and F1 on my keyboard)

So that script works, and I found a menu item for getting outputs from that script, similar to to the MIDI MONITOR, so by using that, and also by better understanding the script language (pyton) I will possible be able to send those two values using such a script.
By utilizing the lowest notes on the keyboard basically as "midi commands" or as a “midi controller fader/knob/button

Then I should only have to write a script, that sees those low notes as commands, and sends the pitch/RPN command, by me inserting such a low note, as the first note in the project.

I’ll report back with any progress, or lack thereof. Soon.

(Image of me running my first midi-script)

That scripting method seems a little convoluted.

Why not simply manually add the RPN Zero > 8192 MIDI event directly into the track?

In Cakewalk by Bandlab, you can do just that. In Cakewalk by Bandlab either open up the Piano Roll View or the Event List view and enter the MIDI event directly.

You might want to see if FL Studio has similar functionality (An FL Studio specific forum should help out with that).

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If I remember correctly something I read YEARS ago, then FL is originally a step-sequencer, then it got extended to support some MIDI later, and over time grew from a simple step-sequencer and into a quite nice DAW. (I’ve been using FL since ver 5/7 so I kinda like it, and it supports most things/methods/events, but may lack some on MIDI-events, it seems)

I did search around for how to do that, on FL’s Forum, that is how I found this MIDI-Scripting stuff. I agree, it would be (or is) quite convoluted to make new scripts for your MIDI controller (as learning pyton coding is harder than learning a few MIDI CC and RPN commands)

I’ll search on, but I think that part of MIDI-pianoroll-features is yet to come in FL. As I can’t find them anywhere.