Pianoteq Wurly and Arturia Wurly V3

A small impro with Pianoteq Wurly (first half) and Arturia Wurly V3 (second half).
The presets are Supertramp “logical” (not the impro).

I also compared Pianoteq “basic” Wurly with Arturia Default 200a.
Arturia’s Wurly V3 presets are a bit darker and the sounds are a bit shorter but it can be easily tweaked with more Brilliance and Time. And likewise on the Pianoteq Wurly.


Interesting comparison @francoise

Yes the new V3 is highly tweakable, so you can squeeze pretty much most typical wurli sounds from it.

Have you seen Anthony Marinelli’s rather interesting video on Wurlis?



Thanks for the link. Quite interesting. I didn’t know there were so many models.

So differences are expected. Moddart doesn’t say which one they modeled.
As I say, Arturia’s Default 200a can be made to sound like the Pianoteq Basic Stereo Wurly.
I presume Arturia modeled the 200a. Tweaking includes the very important velocity curve setting.

Ah Dr. Mix (Claudio Passavanti)! I love the guy; he’s so funny and talented.

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