Piano V plugin fails to rspond to velocity 127 on initial load

I am just beginning to use the AU plugin of Piano V3 on a Mac running Ventura. My goal is using it hosted in Gig Performer butthe problem I am experiencing happens even when I launch the standalone version and doesn’t seem to depend on which model is loaded.

Whenever I first launch either the host or the standalone player, Piano V3 it fails to respond to note on velocities of 127 so if I play loudly it becomes silent. If I reload the plugin with the same patch it then responds properly. I’ve not had enough experience yet to see if, during the same session, it stars to ignore vel 127 again but so far I have not seen that. I’ve gone through the velocity curve setup a few times. Also I’ve not found this behaviour in any otehr V Collection instruments as yet.

Anyone come across this?


Hi @paddy. Welcome to the community.

I suggest you contact Arturias Technical support through your Arturia account.
I’ve seen some reports about this. But i don’t know, if it has been resolved. It has been quite some time since i saw the reports…

Will do, thanks

I presummed you were updated. If not, then you can try that.

Yes, just did a (minor) update of V Collection 9 but the same issue occurs. Ticket sent into support. Thanks again.

I have the same issue. :expressionless:
Please update the thread if you find a solution.


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Still waiting for a response from Arturia support. Continues to be a problem and now seems to randomly occur even after reloading the plugin which renders it an unreliable and useless plugin for live performance.

Problem solved. Here’s the solution from Ricardo @ Arturia. Thanks, Ricardo…

We have spotted that this issue may possibly be related to the custom velocity curves.

→ If you don’t need them, please erase them from the folder:

Macintosh > Library > Arturia > Piano V3 > Resources > Vel_Profiles > User

The issue should disappear, also please make sure to skip all calibration steps.

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FWIW the only thing in that folder in my case was a single file, global.vel.

After deleting that, both the standalone and plugin versions (in Gig Performer) so far seem to respond to vel 127.

That’s great news! Glad you got there in the end :grin:

I’ll mark your previous post as the solution in case someone in the future has the same issue.

I suspect this is the same problem posted in the old forum: Piano V3 bug: top velocity is zero when reloading

It seems to be an issue on Windows computers as well.

I have this issue on a Windows computer. Should I do the same thing?

But, if I follow the “fix” above, can I still customize the velocity curve? (I use Piano V3 within Gig Performer). Does this mean you would be stuck with the default velocity curve? (That does not work for me).

If this does not work, can I just set the velocity curve so it goes up to top velocity? Since I will probably never reach that (127) velocity on my controller, maybe that will work?


Hey @jeffn1
Great to see you’ve made it here to the new Sound Explorers Forum!

If i were you i would just give it a go, there’s nothing to break and easy enough to revert if it doesn’t do what you want it too…


Actually I wish my issue only occurred when I hit a note a maximum velocity. My issue seems different.

It seems like when I open project (maybe only if I have adjusted the velocity curve), it does not revert to that saved state as it should (in Gig Performer).

Instead, it seems to use a velocity curve where all notes are capped at a very low velocity no matter how hard I hit the key. Very frustrating.

It seems every time I open a project, I have to go into this and tweak it in order for it to work right. I am concerned about using Piano V3 in an upcoming gig.

Maybe I should try saving a preset in V3. Maybe that will be a work around (?)

(I wish they’d get a fix in for this).


HI @jeffn1
Yes that might be a good idea to try, i would certainly use presets myself if using for a live performance whenever possible.