OP-Xa V shows all of the presets twice

All of the presets appear in the library twice, and selection is buggy. Note the current preset has two ticks against it:

This is the same whether running stand-alone or as a plug-in. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling.


This is one of those things that are multiple threads about in the legacy forum.

It it can very well be about a corrupt preset database file.

I suggest you delete the db.db3 file in your main preset folder located on the path set for your ressource folder. Then when you open the application the database will rebuild. It take a while for the database to rebuild.

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Weirdly, in the C:\ProgramData\Arturia\Presets folder there were two folders:


I deleted the folder named “OB-Xa V” (original name of the plug-in?) and this fixed the issue for me.

Same problem OP-Xa V presets duplicated

Yes!, the problem is because of two folders . Deleting “OB-Xa V" solves the problem.
OP-Xa 2 folders