Oh Yes

First - I own a Minibrute and this emulation sounds fantastic and then some. I like the simplicity which leads to great patches. I say this as an experienced Pigments user. The Minibrute V will find its way into my creations. I have one suggestion. I would like to have seen the addition of a Mod Matrix. It doesnt have to be extensive - maybe even just 4 slots. It would be especially nice to modulate some of the FX parameters. But for now: well done!


Great to hear of a experienced user of the hardware and Pigments. With FX removed how do the hardware vs software sound? Im into Psy Trance, wondered how this stacks up againts the synths in V collection X like MS20 Mini v4?

Thanks, Dan

Well, Im not into the A/B comparison thing normally, nor will I be comparing waveforms on an oscilloscope. My ears are inclined to ignore any minor differences. It seems the waveform volume sliders do add a little ‘saturation’ after about 75% and the Brute knob does its thing. I think this instruments poly ability is its secret weapon. Many of the Pad sounds are fantastic (albeit bolstered by the FX) and belie the instruments simplicity. I like it!