Oculto Por Xandara // OP-Xa - Synthwave song

Hi! I’m Valentín from Chile living on México. Love Arturia and all types of music (especially electronic music).

This is my very first Synthwave/Retrowave song from my project “Darkornix” (Dark + Unicorn).
I use only the OP-Xa synth for the synths. For the drums I use Polyplex from Reaktor NI and all effects I use are from Arturia. Tape Mello-Fi on the Master for the Lo-fi touch jeje.

I do the Mix and Master too.

Happy Thursday to all!


Great tune, Valentin!
Chévere ! :cool: :sunglasses:

I’m not an expert on synthwave but Secret for Xandara (kind, polite girl) seems typical of the genre reminiscent of the eighties (arp and drum, Linndrum, DMX?) A very productive era I witnessed.

I love the Op-X3. Besides Arturia presets, I bought lots of Op-X3 presets from Reverb Machine.
Do you use compression on individual tracks, on master?

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Hi Francoise!

Yes! That’s right :smiley: , I try to to some music with big influence on 80s music :space_invader:

I emulate some drums in Polyplex (a NI reaktor instrument), trying to match the sound of Liindrum, DMX.
But the most important is the rich and wonderfull sound of the OP-Xa :smile: jeje

And yes, for the individual tracks I use (in this order in the chain): Tube-Culture Dist from Artuira (But with a preset I created that gives a little of Harmonics not to add to much gain), a Fabfilter EQ to clean some frecuencies and then FET-COMP from Arturia. Then in the master I add a Tape Mello-Fi from Arturia too and a L2 for add some volume and glue all together.

If you want some preset of the OP-Xa or from a FX just let me know :slight_smile:

Thank you for listen to my music :slight_smile:

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Ola Valentin!

I searched on the Polyplex (it’s really a VST drum machine). Your drum sounds like the 80s. I mentionned Linndrum and DMX since I have Addictive 2 Reel Machine pack. Yes Op-Xa does most of the job.

It’s always a pleasure to listen to good music well mixed and masterized. I’m lazy and don’t often mix and I use Fet76 and Tube-VCA. I’m a bit shameful :face_with_peeking_eye:.

The son of a good friend (Mathieu Cerf) composes and produces techno; I know what’s involved in mixing and mastering. Too much work. :woozy_face:
Youtube (Matt Cerf & Feel Feat Jaren - Leave The Light On)

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Hello! Nice! I will look for the video in youtube :smiley:

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