OBX-A Knobs moving and changing sounds randomly while playing?

Hi All - seems I’m getting random sound changes occuring while playing the OBX-A and other synths in V-Collection? Knobs move randomly when pressing keyboard keys and changing preset/saved patches - but only when inside Reaper, standalone mode is fine (iMac).

I’m guessing it might be a CC midi issue(?), but I’m not great at troubleshooting in that universe. I changed the Keybd to Channel 1 instead of ALL but didnt help much. I’ll update all tomorrow, but hoping someone might be able to assist/suggest a fix?

Cheers & Thanks in advance


HI @JohnnyBGoode and welcome to The Sound Explorers Forum!

You’ll be slightly please in that your assumption is the most common ‘cause’ of this sort of ‘issue’.
It does sound like you might have either some errant midi data on the track you’re trying to play on, it’s generally a good idea to assign a midi track in your DAW to only one midi device/virtual synth etc at a time, at least until you’re fully comfortable in the midi environment, as it makes things much easier to understand and troubleshoot

If you have more than one midi track in your project, check what midi channel it is on and to which device it is sending midi to.
Also, check the midi track your OBX-a is on to see if there is any midi data there that shouldn’t be, probably best to start with a fresh midi track with no data whatsoever initially, record some midi and have a look in your DAWs midi editor to see what was recorded.
You’ll have to refer to your DAW manual/forum if you’re not too sure about it.


Hey MatJ — thanks for the info, I’ll go try those suggestions - atm the OBX is the only midi instrument on the page, but I’ll check the midi editor see if that throws up any clues… Doesnt seem to happen with other VSTIs - just the Arturias. I’ll persevere!
Cheers & thnx again J.