OB-XA V patches on OP-XA?

Hi there,

I’m considering to buy the OP-XA V.
If I get ith right, this is the enhanced successor of the OB-XA V, which is discontinued, right?

Can the OP-XA run patches which were designed for the OB-XA?
(considering to buy this soundbank too: Arturia OB-Xa J3PO Presets Collection - Official Demo Video - YouTube )


It was a name change only and patches are unaffected, playing on both “versions”.

Thank you!
Maybe the name change was due to copyright issues with Oberheim?

I believe it was.

Makes sense!

BTW: currently I own my very first and only hardware Synth, my beloved MiniFreak.
Yet I’m still struggling to create these ‘warm’. ‘deep’ and ‘smooth’ sounds that seem to be typical for Oberheim synths, this is the reason why I’m considering to buy the OP-Xa in the first place. MF sounds are more often than not a bit too ‘harsh’, ‘metallic’ or ‘cold’ (at least to my ears).

If it would be possible to come closer to the sound of the OP-Xa with the MiniFreak, I’d be more than happy to follow that route and invest more effort.
I definetely prefer turning knobs on the hardware over fumbling with the mouse on my laptops tiny screen.

Would you say it is worthwhile to stay with the MF and make more effort to create the sounds characteristics I’m seeking?

Do you have any advice on what the most important factors for ‘warmth’ and ‘depth’ of a sound on the MF are (knowing that you are quite familiar with the MF)?
Or would you rather recommend to simply reach for OB-Xa for these kind of sounds?


Well, we are off topic now but the best thing to do is download the OPXa demo and compare it to the Minifreak. Yes, the OPXa has that vintage 'warmth"…as best as a plugin can be expected to emulate. However, the Minifreak does a good job too - especially on Pads. Often synths (and plugins) have that certain sweet spot - something they excel at above others. I am a big user of Pigments but still fire up OPXa sometimes. I think you should dig deeper into Minifreak AND buy OPXa…but thats just me :slight_smile:

Thank you for your answer!
Yes, we are going off-topic, but perhaps these considerations are also interesting for other people having to make the same decision I have…

I own Pigments too. So, could be Pigments the alternative to OP-Xa (I have to be careful not to spent too much money)?
Would you have created patches that demonstrate the classical analog styles with pigments (I know you created lots of patches and you are so generous to share them here in these forums).

I have shared a lot of Pigments patches and you can search for them here and discover some analog sounds. As I said, I still feel there is a place for OPXa. In many ways its simplicity, when compared to Pigments or Minifreak, is a plus when creating sounds.

Thank you again!
I will check your presets and keep in mind to eventually add OP-Xa to my arsenal. The demo I downloaded already yesterday and I must say, I’m quite pleased. Not just the sound, but also - as you mentioned - the simplicity. And - it’s such a beauty!

In case I will make a positive decision you (all) might read more from me in this forum… :wink:

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