Number of presets in Wurli V3

Product description for Wurli V3 states over 200 presets. My installation only shows 51 presets. I upgraded from Wurli V2. Is there a separate download for the missing presets for Wurli V3?

Reference to 200 was from the Adorama site that came up in a Google search ( Arturia site says over 50 presets. Wurli V2 had close to 200 factory presets. Will these be ported over to V3? Seems there is a similar issue for the CS-80 that went from V3 to V4.

Hi makapel,

I’d say it’s a whole new instrument, like CS-V4, and I would’nt expect a port from Wurly V2.
I tried to “port” some presets from CS-V3 to V4. It is really not straightforward.