Now able to use in Studio One as a routing?

Have not done it yet, but may later try There is discussion on the Presonus Forum presonus forum link about it.
As it states on page 2 of the topic there it works apparently with the vst3 now.
I did some crazy workaround with a ton of unnecessary routing after the VST told me in its help item that Presonus COULD NOT (latest version of the Vocoder, too!).
I would think that adding directions to do this would be a good feature request.

I went in and did this today. It is possible to route it in studio one 6 Artist, using the vst3.

Video I made about 23MB showing this and how to (hosted on PreSonus as a download to watch video)

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Hey @nModular
Thanks for posting, i know Vocoders in general seem quite confusing to quite a lot of people, so i’ll mark this ‘solved’ as it may be of use to other Vocoder V users with Studio One.

Yeah they seem to have changed some things in version 6.5 .
When in the region of the side chain button in the top portion of the plugin. It seems to be fairly explanitory, but maybe it is not so easy to get the sound to come through. After a few things like, playing the transport, and making sure the audio was routing to the plugin it seemed to finally activate the voice eq feedback graph. Took a minute. This was on a different install of S1 on a different computer where I was testing the new version 6.5. Got it working after a bit. No problem.