Note off bug?

Hi, just started messing with my OP-Xa V today and i have had to restart it in standalone 3 times already due to some notes not turning off when i have lifted my finger from the key? Any ideas why it does this? It’s really annoying.

I presume you are using a MIDI keyboard. Have you tried unplugging it and using the on screen keyboard to see if the MIDI keyboard is an issue? Is it always the same keys causing an issue? Do you have any other synth plugins exhibiting the same issue? Is the HOLD button off on the left of the OP-Xa interface? Do you use a sustain pedal in the MIDi keyboard? Does this happen with a new default patch or just some patches - if so - which ones?

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Hi @tekkaz72 ,

Beside the things @Funtmaster mention, then you also can try to reinstall OP-Xa V.

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Hey thanks for your detailed response, very helpful!
I am using an Arturia KEYLAB 49 mkII. (so nice :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:) As per LBH’s recommendation i have un/reinstalled the plugin. It appears to be the F and C keys and just now after your good advice i managed to replicate the same issue using Cakewalk’s Z3TA+2 standalone, only this time it was the C key an octave up that hung.
Hold is not on.
The keyboard was purchased new around 12 months ago and hasn’t really had a lot of use, kept in a clean environment free from smoke, dust and moisture.
I have a couple of pedals for adding footswitch functionality but they have not been plugged in throughout this issue.
I’m having so much fun in my spare time exploring all that Arturia’s ecosystem has to offer and i am really looking forward to getting this sorted out. Would i be correct in thinking it is an issue with the keyboard itself now that i have been able to replicate the issue on another separate Vst? Any further tips on what i might try at this stage would be gratefully received.