Noob Question - No Sound from Filter 2

This is almost certainly idiocy on my part.

When I set filter routing to split I get no output from filter 2 no matter the settings.

Hi welcome to the community.

How do you set the FILTER MIX parameter in the Engines Output section to route the signals to the two filters? Sound like you have the Engines FILTER MIX to send the signal to Filter 1 only.

Please keep in mind that the SPLIT selection mean it route the filters output to separate Effect lines.

In the SUM selection you also can SPLIT the filters. When you turn the FILTER ROUTING fully clockwise, then you run parallel filters so they are split.

Just to get around this functionality i can add, that it’s unfortunately not possible to run the filters in serie and then split that single output to two effect lines to have the same output run with two parallel effect lines. It would be great with that possibility too.


Some say life is tough and it is tougher when you are stupid.

My life if pretty tough…

That was it - thanks!

Good @klstay .

It’s not stupid to ask and find solutions. :slight_smile:

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