Non DAW-user needs dedicated MIDI channel. External device solution?

I do not use a DAW. But, I use old MIDI equipment. So, I need to know how I can map my MB to a dedicated MIDI Channel (so, it will receive MIDI info only on, say, Channel 2). It seems like there is no way to do this on the MB. So is there an external device that I can use that will narrow all the MIDI info down to just one channel?

Hi @vocemur and welcome to our Sound Explorers community!

This is indeed possible, it’s easier with the Arturia Midi Control Centre software, if you have access to a Mac or PC, but can also been done manually.

In the manual, Page 64/74



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I’m sorry. Am I missing something here? This seems like the easiest thing in the world to do … on any synth ever made. Just … read the manual and it will explain in detail how to do this.

I’m sorry if I sound critical but why would anyone ask a question like this before reading the manual?

Thanks that was perfect.

thark… you’re right. However, I mistakenly believed another user when I first got the synth who told me you couldn’t change the MIDI channel except in a DAW. So, in the end, it was my fault for not looking into it myself. But, I have been happily been using it since Matjones set me straight. Peace to both of you! Merry Christmas. Check out my user patches: Matrixpoots