Noisy ADAT inputs when using MAIN MIX

I’ve noticed what I think is a bug in the 16Rig.

I have three different ADAT expanders at my disposal at the moment:

  1. AudioFuse 8Pre
  2. Behringer ADA8200
  3. FocusRite Octapre Dynamic

I recently picked up the FocusRite to replace the Behringer, but regardless, my intent is to use two of these with the 16Rig to get lots of extra I/O.

When using ADAT inputs from the second set of physical ports on the 16Rig (TOSLINKs IN2/OUT2), if I add those input to the MAIN MIX using AudioFuse Control Center, they are noisy.

There’s almost like a light static distortion, or a slight bitcrusher effect. I can hear it most with “pure” tones. For example, if I have my Microfreak set to just output a pure sine wave, it’s very obvious.

At first I was blaming the Behringer, but then I swapped it out for the FocusRite and the Audiofuse 8Pre, and the noise was still there. It’s also particularly bad on ADAT ports 15 and 16 (as the 16Rig sees it).

So why do I think it’s a problem with the software/firmware of the 16Rig?

If I take those same noisy inputs out of MAIN MIX, and route them directly to say, my headphones directly (using the matrix), well then they sound excellent. If I put those inputs in the CUE MIX, they also sound just great.

But in the MAIN MIX, they sound terrible.

I obviously don’t have any sort of AUX routing with external distortion effect or anything :slight_smile:

I hope this is something they can resolve!

HI @Ryan0751

It sounds like what you’re hearing could be clock jitter, that is the two clocks controlling your 16Rig and ADAT expanders might not be properly in sync.
Have you got your 18Rig set to be ‘master’ and the ADAT expander to ‘slave’? (Manual P31/83.I
If this doesn’t cure your issue, it might be an idea to use the wordclock (BNC) sockets to help with syncing the units, this is also covered in that section of the manual.