Noise when changing headphone volume

Good day! I’ve got a question: is it normal that while I change headphone output volume there is an outcoming noise? It happens only when I change the volume of the headphones output, after changes it sounds clean. Should I return my minifuse or is it ok for this soundcard?

Are you experencing a crackle noise when the headphones change volume - if so the MiniFuse probably has a dirt or dust on the Volume Pot - which would be a Warranty issue with the MiniFuse - or if out of warranty open up the MiniFuse and spray the Headphone Pot with DeOxit.

Hey Alex, I have the same problem with my new Audiofuse. Whenever I turn the knob, a noise appear in the headphones.
I talk to the warranty and they sent me a new unit. And this minifuse has the same noise issue.
So two Minifuse 1, and the two ouputs noise through the headphones out.

Thanks for the answer guys! I’ve returned my unit and another one is on the way. Hope it wouldn’t have this issue, will let you know after it arrives.