No sound with Minifuse 1

Hello, I’m fairly new to the audio community and I’ve purchased some Kanto Yu4 and a minifuse1. However when I connect them both together, I see the sound reaching the minifuse(front light moving) However no sound comes out from the Yu4. I’m using a TS->RCA Cable to connect the two together, I know the manual mention using a TRS instead however, I’ve read it was not an issue.

Any idea on how to fix this issue?

Can you tell us exactly how you have everything connected and set up? Maybe include photos of the back of the speakers and the front & back of the interface. Is the RCA switch on the back of the speaker set to “Line”? Also it looks like those speakers make you select the input source by pressing the volume button on the front or using the remote. Could that be it?

Oh right sorry about that! And you were completely right.

First the switch on the back was set to RCA instead of Line, which in my head made more sense…
Second, I didn’t switch the input source from the remote control as well. So those two fixed the sound issue

However, I now have a issing/bussing sound permanently while in that mode. (I’ve attached an image of the speaker, just ignore the switch on the back of the speaker it’s now properly set on “Line”)

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Ah OK, glad you solved it! I think “RCA” is just the label for the switch, which is meant to change between phono and line level inputs. Phono is intended for turntables, which need extra amplification, so it will route through another preamp. Audio interfaces output at line level, which doesn’t need that extra boost. By having the switch in the middle, it’s possible that neither circuit was connected.

You’ll want to be very careful not to run line level signals into the speaker when it’s set to phono, as this could damage them.

I don’t really know these speakers, but looking at your photo and the photo on the website it looks like you have something connected to the aux input as well. So, I guess you’ll want to switch between RCA and AUX on the remote, depending on what you want to listen to.

As for the hissing/buzzing, it’s hard to say. It could be a lot of things. Some amount of noise is probably unavoidable, especially with relatively lower cost devices, but if it’s really noticeable there is probably that could be improved.

As a troubleshooting step, can you connect headphones to the MiniFuse to see if you hear it through those, too? If not, then the problem must either be the speakers or the connection from the interface to the speakers. Do you get the same hissing when you use the aux input?

Audio cables can pick up noise from power cables, so trying to separate the cables a bit and make sure that they don’t run in parallel can help. You can also get interference from wireless devices.

Another thing to check is your gain staging—meaning the way you have volumes set through the chain of devices, since both the speakers and the audio interface have volume knobs and there might also be software volume controls affecting it. If you have the software playback or the interface turned down really low and the speakers turned up really high, then the speakers are also going to amplify any noise present. Try running with a higher volume out of the interface and a lower one on the speaker to see if it helps.

There might also be a ground loop issue. Is everything connected to the same power socket? If not, try using a power strip/surge protector and plugging all of your audio gear into that. That can sometimes help.

Thanks for all the help, I’ve managed to make it work, the hissing is because weirdly the AUX and RCA output both have different volume values, so while the sound was reasonable on the AUX Settings, switching it to the RCA settings was too loud while it was being reduced by the minifuse then by the computer. Therefor, raising the minifuse/PC settings and lowering the speaker volume fixed it.

Everything works fine with the speaker, I’m currently speaking with Arturia support about the driver working weirdly, the RCA connection only works in ableton, else the volume is pretty much inauble. Seems to be the ASIO driver that only active in ableton and not within windows or other application!

In any case, I really appreciate your help to fix the issues! :slight_smile:

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