No response to sustain pedal

Hello all,

Using a Buchla Easel V version 1.12 on a Mac mini Pro M2 with Ableton Live.

The Buchla doesn’t seem to respond to the sustain pedal when I try to hold notes. I have checked that the sustain pedal works on the other V Collection plugins.

Is this a bug or does there need to be some patching/setup for this to work? Very strange.

I can confirm I’m seeing the same behavior. I don’t think it responds to sustain. I’d guess the original doesn’t have that concept.

Hi. Welcome to the forum.

Yes unfortunately Buchla V does’nt have a key hold.
Buchla is a different kind of synth. But it would still be nice with a key hold.

You’ll have to find alternative ways to do it as it is.
I’ve even seen hardware Buchla sessions where the performer used small weights to place on keys to hold the keys activated. That was’nt a Easel though.

Wow. Glad it wasn’t just me overlooking something! I knew the Easel was a unique synth, but I didn’t expect that would include not having sustain!

Don’t think I have the patience for small weights on keys, ha ha.

I’ll keep tinkering and see if there’s a workaround. Thanks all.