No more sound from keyboard in Arp mode. Oops what did i do wrong?

Hi all!

I just bought the MicroFreak and am designing my first preset. I started with an ‘Init’ preset that already had a recorded sequence. I had a good sound going, using the Arpeggiator, and was moving on to explore the Sequencer.

I deleted the existing sequence, in order to record my own, but now when i returned to Arp mode i can’t get any sound from the keyboard. Only when Arp is off do i get sound.
This only affects the preset in question though.

But how do i get the Arpeggiator to work again in this Preset?

EDIT: Turned the MicroFreak off and on again, and everything is back to normal!

Many thanks in advance.
And great cudos to Arturia for creating such an amazing little machine!

Greetings from Belgium,