No lights

Stop/Play/Rec are still glowing, also other buttons. But not Chord (CC Bank) button and the small dots above the keys that indicate sequencer or other modes like midi channels, gate, swing, etc. But they still working.

I get that problem after some settings changes in the MIDI Control Center. That software requires Firmware updates because my MIDI keyboard did not was detected. At the same time, FL Studio (DAW) was ON and used that KeyStep 37.

Could it be a Firmware bug or something?
Any idea how the get my lights back on?


I don’t know what the problem is but you should try to update the firmware again, but please close your DAW before doing so.

Maybe it will fix the problem. If it’s not fixing anything, you should contact our support team.

Cheers !

I tried. But your web pages working the same like MIDI Control Center :sweat_smile:
And that software also didn’t give me .led file to fix that

Hmm yes you’re right.

Here is a download link for the latest FW as .led file:

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I find why that link didn’t work.
That link I copy from My Products (Arturia personal account section). Under my product Serial, Unlock Code, Licence Status you can find Access resources link
Access resources
But… My KeyStep 37 is not white, is Black Edition.
You can see …/keystep-37-black/… and I just deleted characters …-black… from that link and get the working link for the regular white KeyStep 37 (Colors doesn’t matter because is the same device)
The bad part is even you have access to KeyStep 37 resources, you can’t find firmware file.

But to avoid that problem for other customers with Black Edition devices, is better to fix that links.

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The problem with light I already fixed on Downloads & Manuals section (_SUPPORTS)
The new firmware is:
But anyone is better then no light :slight_smile:

Thanks for your support Tim. I think that information will help other customers for sure.

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Oh yhea sorry, I sent the wrong version you are right again !

Glad that it solved you issue.
And thanks for sharing the solution, it will probably help other people as you mentioned.

Cheers !