New User- question about midi velocity

I have my Oxi One sequencer sending midi to my MICROFREAK, and everything works great except for velocity. What steps should I be following to get the velocity midi info from the OXI to affect the sound on the Microfreak? I assume it has something to do with assigning something in the Mod Matrix or the Utility settings, but I haven’t figured it out.

Can someone help me out?

Hi @kbowman016 welcome to our Sound Explorers community!

You can set up your MIDI settings from the MIDI Control Center

Here is a preview of the information found on the manual.

To go deeper please check the official product manual

Let’s keep exploring :zap:

Thank you for the reply, I figured out the issue. I was changing the wrong setting under Preset in the Utility. I got it to work now!


Awesome @kbowman016 :rocket:

Is this same procedure to send correct midi OUT from microf. to external MIDI gear? Does mi microf. send OUT midi velocity as well? thank you