New Sound Packs for Pigments & Analog Lab V

Hi there! I’m wondering if I’m the only person, who has trouble with the latest Sound Packs for Pigments & Analog Lab V… as they are still “pending” & I can’t register them…

I’ve got countless automated messages after ordering them, which was already weird…

2 days later the problem is not solved & I wonder why there are new Sound Packs you paid for (confirmed) & you can’t register & really use them… albeit they show up in Pigments as well as in Analog Lab V…

Would be nice to get a helpful answer about their status & why they are “pending” even after the payment was definitely confirmed!

Had planned to make some good use of them over this weekend already… but I suppose that won’t be possible… sadly! :frowning:

Anyway… best regards from Bremen in northern Germany

“The Lonesome Rider”

Hi @The_Lonesome_Rider. Welcome to the community.

Are the soundpacks to be found on your Arturia account under _My Products? Then you should not need to registrer them. I only have soundpacks that have been included in applications sales in Arturia Software Center (ASC). Other soundpacks are not in ASC.

Have you tried to install the presets? You can do it from the stores in the applications or you can download the installers and use them.

If it’s the sale that’s pending, then there is and error that you need to contact Arturia support about.


Thanks for your reply!

The latest Sound Packs are only visible in “my Orders”, not in “my Products”, so I sadly can’t register them… nor can I download & use them…

I’ve got several automated messages immediately from Arturia that there’s some kind of “technical issue”…

This is part of the messages I’ve got: "We are experiencing a short term issue and are unable to deliver your product (Outer Reaches) licence immediately.

We are working on solving this issue as soon as possible.

We will send your product licence via e-mail within two working days."

Whatever that means… 2 working days were over yesterday & I’m not sure what the issue was actually… as I’ve never had such a problem before…

I’ve also contacted the registration inquiries Department of Arturia, which sent me the countless error messages… maybe (hopefully) they’ll get back to me on Monday or Tuesday with some better news…

Anyway… best regards from Bremen in northern Germany

“The Lonesome Rider”

It’s annoying when there are technical issues. Unfortunately you can only wait for Arturia it look like. Working days are monday to friday not saturday and sunday.

Best regards

Hi again!

No update about the issue so far… but anyway… I wonder if I’m the only one affected by it or if this is a general problem with the new Sound Packs (when you paid them via PayPal)?

Would be interesting to know for me at least…

Best regards from Bremen in northern Germany

“The Lonesome Rider”

Well… I suppose it’s just me, who’s having such a problem… :frowning:

Today is the 3rd working day (btw: in Germany where I come from Saturday is a working day for the majority of people too) after I’ve ordered the new Sound Packs… & I’m still waiting for a more helpful answer…

By now I’m “not amused” indeed! :frowning:

Well… after I’ve contacted PayPal for a review of my order from Arturia the problem seems to be solved by now… that’s indeed quite interesting!

Thanks for the update @The_Lonesome_Rider .

So perhaps it was a problem with PayPal payment transfer.


Possible, but also not that likely, because on Monday I saw on my Bank Account that the money was transferred via PayPal to Arturia… and I had no response by Arturia… until yesterday (Wednesday)… 4 instead of 2 working days later, as Arturia had said (see in a message above)… not good imho…

Interestingly enough immediately after I’ve filed the report via PayPal, Arturia responded and confirmed the transfer… make of it whatever you want, but it deminishes my trust in Arturia’s Service (not in their Products, which are ace and the reason why I’ve bought quite a lot of them over the years!) more than my trust in PayPal, sorry! :frowning:

Hi @The_Lonesome_Rider,

To me it look like there have been some kind of transfer technical issue somewhere. I can’t tell for sure or where it have been.

Normally the products will appear automaticly on your Arturia account under my products, when payment is confirmed.

Arturia have all the interest in having things work smoothly, and so has PayPal. But something have clearly gone wrong somewhere.

I’m happy you now have the products. To bad it was’nt just or soon after you ordered. I vould have liked that, as that’s also what i exspect.