New song with Arturia Jup-8 V4 to check out!

I put 2 songs in my music website: “Into The Future” is the song on top (it has Jup-8 V4 synth), and “Because, Because of You2” (no Arturia on this song) is the next song down. Please tell me how you like the music, and how it can be improved, and I will return the favor if you wish! Leave me a link if your thread is not recent. Here is my link:

I checked out “Into the Future”. I like the song! Kinda has a vaguely Jane’s Addiction-ish feel to me. Bass playing feels way too loose in parts; not tight enough to the drums. I love the guitar. Vocals seem a little too up-front, like they are sitting on the mix instead of in it.

I am always wary of critiquing others work in case it is received badly. Firstly, I can see and hear that you are not only talented but varied and prolific. I listened to a cross section of your work and was impressed. You have many great musical ideas and I can hear influences from other artists which you may or may not agree with. However, I think what lets you down are two things: First, your vocal delivery tends to sound the same from one song to another and seems way too prominent in the mix to me. Secondly, your overall mix of tracks is not living up to the material. It sounds imbalanced and sometimes thin to my ears. It’s just not cohesive at times and I think you are doing it an injustice. Maybe this is a case of quantity over quality. You have many ideas but are not taking the time to fully develop them. I found myself wanting to dissect some tracks and reassemble the song to do it justice. Others may disagree but I feel you could develop your work into something rather special. I shall be following your work. Good luck!

PS. I dont feel the need for feedback but here is my work should you be interested:

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Thank you for checking out my music and commenting! I appreciate it!

I appreciate your positive comments and not offended by the constructive criticism. I usually spend about 40 hours per song. I am not a pro audio engineer, and mix it about as good as I can get on my Sony MDR-7506 headphones (the best I’ve heard for less than $200US). I know lots of people say one should mix with monitors, but I would drive my wife and daughter nuts if I did that. I’m pretty sure I have heard your music before, but will see if I hear anything new or different. Now listening to “The Great Dictator” (I have never seen the movie): nice synths, and the vocal part definitely adds something! :slight_smile:

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I know finding a space to produce music is difficult. Mixing via headphones exclusively is not a good idea… Maybe you can mix thru monitors for some of the time - family permitting :slight_smile: It will give you a new perspective on your music and mixes. I wish you luck.

Thank you for replying. I used to mix with headphones AND my home stereo speakers. But when I mixed it to sound better on my stereo speakers, it made it sound worse on my headphones, and vice versa. I got tired of doing that, so I just mix on my headphones, because that’s how I typically listen to music indoors anyway. I have heard at least one person say, “if you mix it right, it sounds good on any system”. But I don’t see how that’s possible when you have a very tinny smart phone dinky speaker that has virtually no low frequencies, or some huge very bassy sound system with sub-woofers. It seems to me there is no escaping compromise. I have read some pro audio engineers mix using only headphones; but I am not claiming that’s the best way to go.