New release: Across A Gulf We Could Not Fathom

Hi fellow Arturians*, I released a new piece yesterday on all the streaming services. It’s a cinematic, space-ambient piece. There is a Jup-8 in the mix as well as Pigments among some other soft synths, and even an old Alesis QS 7.1 that I pulled out of my gear room.

You can find it by jumping off my Linktree here:

  • I wonder… are only people who work at Arturia Arturians? Or can anyone be one? :laughing:

Hi @stickster and thanks for posting!

Some real Vangelis vibes going on there for sure!!

Do you know the ‘secret handshake’? :wink:

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I do like the track “As the same light fell” on your Bandcamp page. I dont know if it will throw you into a creative wonderland but I have several FREE personally created Pigments patch collections offered in my other post. I think you may find one or two inspiring sounds there.

Hi stickster!

I’ve searched for the origin of the name Arturia but could’nt find anything. Nobody in particular named Arthur.

I’d say, based on a quote from About us (“an international team of passionate people, on a mission to navigate uncharted sonic territory”), it’s likely an allusion to the Arthurian quest for the Holy Grail.

If you’re a sonic explorer, I’d say you’re part of the quest.

I actually had the origin of the name ‘Arturia’ explained to me a while back.
It’s a sort of ‘portmanteau’ of ‘Art’ Something related to music which i forget now lol, and the ‘ia’ is from ‘Media’.
Hopefully an Arti employee might be able to refresh my memory if they see this? :wink:

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I had to look for the meaning of “portmanteau”: a blend of parts from two words.
I learned something new! In French, it’s “mot-valise” (litt. suitcase word :upside_down_face:) ! Inspired by English “portmanteau”.’expression

Nowadays “ia” is Intelligence Artificielle in French. Nowadays.
Let’s wait for an Arturian to shed light on this arti fact.

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Lol, thanks @francoise
That Wiki was certainly some rabbit hole, or rather, trou de lapin :wink:

You learn something new every day here! :wink:

Actually, following on from your request, it might be interesting to have a section on random/useless/interesting trivia about Arturia, we could call it ‘Artifacts’… i know, i’m a terrible person, i’ll get my coat…

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I didn’t realize the passion with which people would respond to the side point about Arturia’s namesake… The word arteur in French means “artist,” and in a way Arturia’s mission I suppose is to support artists. So if any of us want to be Arturians, then we should also support each other. I like that explanation! :smile:

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That sort of rings a bell actually, I think you might be right there. :sunglasses: