New into this, hope to connect with a lot of Arturia Users

Hi! I’m Valentín from Ciudad de México and I’m am an Arturia User since 2014 i think. I love the brand and all the stuff they do. I’m just writing this topic to know more about this community, feel free to share some thoughts about this to know more about you and us to see what experiences are we having with the products too.

See you here in the forum!


Hi Valentín,

I too am a long time Arturia user - both software and hardware. I now find my music making being produced mainly with Arturia software - it’s that good and meets my needs.

See you around



Hey Valentin!

Good to see you here mate :wink:

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Nice! Let’s see in the future if we could have a little “sharing” music Topic here :smiley: Se you around Larry!

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Heeey Mat! Thanks! Good to see you to mate! :smile:


Do you have a Bandcamp, Soundcloud page etc, so we can hear your music?

Mine is:

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Nice i will here it in a couple of hours after the work :smiley:

Yes I have instagram, Youtube, Spotify, etc. I have two projects.

The very important project it is called Inclusión. Is like Alternative Pop Rock Electronic band, I do all the stuff. The amazing thing I do there is that the first record “Fragmentos”, I do all the synths with minibrute, even the textures and polyphonic things.

The second project is more like remix and Alternative Electronic stuff. I only use pigments or v collection there and Arturia plugins for Fxs. It is called “Darkornix”. Only have youtube page.

Hope you enjoy I will listen to yours later :slight_smile: Thanks for the response!

instagram: @valentinfertorandez


hello friends. nice to meet you here! i am uwe zahn aka arovane. i am a musician and sound designer and arturia is one of my clients and partner. you can find some sound design stuff in several arturia products, like the augmented instruments, obscure ambient 01 or the arovane signature sound bank. i am also running my own sound shop, selling presets for different vst’s like pigments 4. you can check sound demos here if you like i am looking forward to interesting posts and nice’n’nerdy conversations here with you. uwe


Nice! Thanks for share in it! There’s a topic named “Your Sound” where you can share these type of things! :smiley:

Have a great day!


thanks for the tip @VFertorandez. cheers.

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Nice to meet you. I have your Signature collection - very nice. I create all my patches from scratch but still like to try out others work. I tried selling them but gave up in the end and now just give them away. I have been a Pigments user from its release and love it. I always manage to create patches. I look forward to chatting in the future.

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nice to meet you @Funtmaster. glad you like the signature collection. first thing i do, when i bought a vst or hardware synth, is to build my own presets and sound banks. i love to explore the tonal possibilities of a synthesizer.

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I totally agree. As flexible as Pigments is, I just can’t seem to make any decent patches using the Harmonic Engine. I usually end up using it as a sort of background element in patch creation. But I persevere…

ah, yeah. the harmonic engine is a beast of it own. i understand the different engines in pigments as sound layers or elements to combine and to
create a sound. the harmonic engine can produce some very nice inharmonic tones that are good to layer with granular pads or the wavetable engine.

It’s interesting you said that. It made sense and I went into Pigments and tried using the Harmonic Engine as a texture during patch creation. Attached is the result. Thanks. Just changing my perspective on the Harmonic Engine has helped me see it potential.
LP_Pigments_Preset_Splines at Noon.pgtx (117.3 KB)


the harmonic engine is more like a texture generator, yes. thanks for sharing the patch. very cool preset! here is one of mine using the harmonic engine for a bright, inharmonious sound. the partials are modulated by LFO 2 and 3.
Pigments_Preset_Behind_20230819_10h59.pgtx (948.1 KB)
taken from my sound bank “Atmosphere”.

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Looks like you shared my patch back to me :slight_smile:

oh i am sorry. here is mine:
Pigments_Preset_Behind_20230819_10h59.pgtx (948.1 KB)

Ah yes. The effect is quite subtle but is noticeable if absent. A very nice patch - thanks. I need to explore some more.

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Hello Valentin! I also love am just simply fascinated with Arturia, and all their awesome Products!
Although I own a good deal of “other” software, Arturia has (IMHO) outshined them all - at least for what I do…

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