New firmware... when?

MiniFreak is close to be 1 year in the market, and there hasn’t been much movement in updates for it (bought it early 2023, not sure if there was any update prior to that).

There are some nice features that could be so useful, especially for the editor (for instance, when moving presets, don’t overwrite but displace al presets down after the ones that were moved). And it would also be very nice having an easier way to switch to previous/next preset with a button instead of the knob, which is a pain when you’re performing live.

Is there any estimation for an update to this, anyway, awesome device?

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Hi @molul

I’m afraid we can’t give out any information like that, even if we knew.

The best way to keep updated with regards to firmware updates etc is to make sure to subscribe to our Newsletter to be the first to know about them, if you haven’t already.

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@Arturia: Please give us an update!

Something around right now ?


Aww yeah! Very cool update. Thank you!

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Very cool update; the superunison is very cool, especially since it doesn’t cost any voices. Also the new osc sounds great!!

Sequencer STILL behaves really odd when running in synchronized mode with the hardware and plugin though. Sometimes it records itself. Sometimes it deosn’t step properly. Sometimes it randomly resets. Sometimes the controller lanes work on the software but not the hardware, sometimes the opposite. Almost never is it displayed as running and in sync between hardware and software.

Pretty sad they still haven’t fixed it properly.