New Explorations Sound Packs for Pigments 5


I’m indeed a bit frustrated now as a Pigments user since day 1… why that?
Because today I’ve read about the offer that I could get the 3 new Explorations Sound Packs for Pigments 5 as an “introduction offer” for just 20 €!
Fine… but I already bought them for 90 € in the past few days after Pigments 5 was released to make use of them…
Seriously now… I want 70 € back from Arturia and already contacted the Sales Support concerning this matter by now.
This “special offer” (late) info policy sucks big time imho and I’m really “not amused” as a long time user at all! :-/
Such things really spoil the fun of making music with my Arturia soft- and also hardware!

The Lonesome Rider - over and out!

Humm… I can understand that feels kinda frustrating and I really Arturia will refund the extra 70 euro.

But than again, I’ve had sort of a similar experience with them after upgrading to the full V-Collection. They upgraded it to a newer version right after a so-called ‘special offer’. They know damn well you would want to upgrade to the new version, too. No grace-period at all, just had to pay the full upgrade amount… no ‘special price’ at all.

And, looking at my bank account on what I’ve spent in one year on ‘special offers’ and ‘introduction offers’ for new instruments that ended up in V-Collection, it’s absolutely no ‘special offer’ to welcome you aboard at all. Just ‘smart’ sales planning.

One thing I’ve learnt from that, Arturia is a company like many others… simply in it for the money. Nothing more, nothing less. So hopefully you’ll too find a way to let go of the frustration, because if support says no… it will remain no. At least, that’s my experience. Enjoy making music.

Regards, Maik

Thanks for your interesting reply, Maik.

If Arturia keeps the 70€ instead of refunding me, I know what I’ll do: Not buying ANY sound packs from them anymore… or just for “special offer” prices, when the pricing policy is reasonable for me… :wink:

I suppose the Sales Support will be kind enough, like usual in the past… anyway… it was just a bit frustrating for me… after I’ve bought so many Arturia soft- and hardware over the past decade(!)… I think long-time costumers like us deserve to be treated fair and get the same “special offers” as new costumers, at least, don’t we?

Kind regards,

The Lonesome Rider

I suspect they will refund you.

I too am a long time user. When I saw a YouTube about pigments 5 being released, I went straight to Arturia, looked up the 3 new sound packs and decided to wait, as there was nothing in the very few demos (from 450 presets) that made me think “want want want”

Then I went to Arturia main mage, clicked on “Discover Pigments 5” and from there, there was a bit of info about the new sound packs and it said

“ Already a customer?
You may be eligible for a special offer
Login to get your personal offer”

I logged on and sure enough, €19.99 for the three. And I added them to my basket from that page. I’m glad I did as each pack has some great sounds

This was at 11pm GMT the day pigments 5 was released.

So the offer was there for me, I would be surprised if you weren’t meant to get it too, probably a glitch their end.

Yes, a refund is already on its way - thanks to Gaby from the Support Team. :slight_smile:

The “problem” - if you want to call it like that - was and still is that I once got an E-Mail from Arturia (i.e. the Newsletter) incl. all the latest news, which was really nice, because all new Sound Packs etc. were announced there in due time too. Happy times! :wink:
Since a while already this Newsletter comes later than the actual products - in this specific case on the 31st of January, which is quite a few days after Pigments 5 was released… and in this Newsletter the “special offer” was announced - for the 1st time to me then!
Only if you looked on the main website, scrolled down and looked further there was an “introduction offer” announced for - imho - new(!) Pigments users, which I’m not, so I still think that this offer was only(!) for people, who are new to Pigments… my bad! :confused:

Maybe this was a misconception of mine…? Maybe this is also due to the fact that my native language isn’t English and I misunderstood the wording of the offer…? I dunno, sorry! :confused:

I suppose the “glitch” was in my head, and I was just expecting to be informed via the Newsletter in due time, which somehow wasn’t the case…

Anyway… case closed now and best regards,

The Lonesome Rider