New Audiofuse driver not compatible with firmware 1.1.1?


I just got a prompt to update my Audiofuse control software + driver to (presumably) the latest version. Upon going through this grueling process requiring multiple reboots and repeating the same actions a number of times, the software was installed and seemed to be functioning.

However, my audiofuse (rev2) was not, ending up in what seemed to be a reboot loop. Updating it to firmware 1.2.3 solved that problem, but unfortunately that firmware version is unusable for me so I need to use 1.1.1. Going back to that firmware version re-introduced the boot loop issue. Reverting both the firmware and the software to an earlier version solves all problems.

Can the driver be fixed so that it’s compatible with the older firmware?

Alternatively, can a firmware update be made that isn’t unusable? The problems with 1.2.3 for me are:

  • The audiofuse output devices (Master/Cue1/Cue2) disappear from the system when ‘external clock’ is selected in the control panel but no clock source is present. 1.1.1 does not have this issue. I use TOSLink optical in but that device is not always powered on.
  • The output volume on both speakers and headphone out is a fraction of what it should be regardless of what I do. If I don’t have everything set to max volume I can barely hear anything.
  • No audio appears on input 1 (which has a condenser mic connected) even after applying 48V. The meter next to the channel strip stays dark.

Again, downgrading to 1.1.1 fixes all these problems.

Hello !

Thanks for the report, did you contact our support team in order for us to track the problem more effisciently ? I encourage you to do so.

If you want the old driver back, you can get the AFCC Win7 build, which is working well with the previous Audio Driver.

It should help you to run FW 1.1.1 using the latest AFCC.

Cheers !

I have the same problem! Today I got prompted to update Audiofuse Control Center. It updated the firmware to 1.2.3. Now the volume at playback is extremely low! How can this be? I tried the fix above but then the control center got unstable (audiofuse dropdown button kept blinking) and it kept prompting me to update the firmware. Updated the firmware and it got stable. But then the volume loss was there again. Extremely frustrating. I needed to use this equipment tonight and now I can’t. I know I should contact support and I will. But that will be time consuming…

I had a same issue before. Output volume is about half less then should be. I did a bit deep dive - i was able to get back full volume output only after changing Power Mode from Full Power to Standard in Audio Fuse Control Centre. Firmware 1.2.3. I’m sure this is Arturia Software bug what can be fixed very quick in new version .



Hello !

I’m sorry that you encountered this issue which is now fixed and will be soon released.
I just answer some informations in this topic which relates the same bug => Audio output stops working - #2 by Tim.Arturia

Thanks for you reports.

Cheers !