Navigating fast through different presets


I’m performing with two Keylab MKII 61 at the same time, each of them controlling two different Arturia software synths through Ableton Live.

My question is, ¿is there a way to change from one preset to another with the buttons on the instrument accurately? Like assigning 1 button to each preset of the playlist inside each synth?

Hi @C4RL0S_XPL . Welcome to the community.

Buttons and Pads can be set to send ProgramChange messages. In Arturia applications this should work, if you use playlists.
One message, will select the preset that’s located on the specific location.
I assume this is what you mean, as i assume you allready do step/ scroll through presets.

I suggest you try it out.
EDIT: Test first in standalone mode and then with VST2. I’m not sure how different plugin formats and DAWs behave with ProgramChange. EDIT END

I’m afraid I’m not sure I know how to make or program a ProgramChange from the Pads, even if it’s my desire to learn.

Is it possible then, to move in a playlist from, let’s say, preset 1 to preset 4 with just one Pad puss?

I’m using Ableton as a DAW to have all the setup ready, but I’m also quite new with it, so any help that comes for the Arturia synths and instruments, is more than welcome.

yes. As i wrote:

ProgramChange is one of the modes Pads and Buttons have in Arturia Keylab MK2. It’s a generel midi message.
Keylab also have another way to do programChanges on the fly. Just search the manual for program change. I suggest you read section 5.6.5 “The Pads”, section “Buttons”, section “Pedals”, section 5.5. “Program Change messages” and see if there are more in the manual too.

I don’t have a Arturia controller.
But in Arturia Midi Control Center (MMC) you can select the modes in a dropdown menu.

I’m not sure the info here is up to date, but it should give you some info.

Again i suggest you try it out.

All the above from @LBH is correct.

One addendum… I have an Arturia controller, and you can also program this functionality from the keyboard itself without using MCC by holding down the User mode button, then pressing the control (pad, button) you want to use. Note that when you switch the pad or button, the MSB and LSB options show up on the display with those labels, so you’ll use them to enter the playlist and song numbers. The important bit: you won’t see an option for Program Change – use the MIDI note number option to enter this number. And remember in all cases you’re starting numbering from 0, not 1, so your third playlist for example will use MSB value 2, not 3.