My MiniFreak is not able to control Analog Lab V

I was pleased to find that you can both play instruments, as well as use the knobs of the MiniFreak as a control surface for Analog Lab V. But when I go into ALV, and choose MiniFreak as a MIDI device in Audio and Midi Devices, the blue square is selectable, but then upon closing the Audio and Midi Devices, and either playing the MiniFreak or turning a knob, nothing happens in ALV.

And then, going back into the Audio and Midi Settings, I’ll find that the MiniFreak square button has de-selected itself.

Can someone help me to get this operating correctly?

(P.S.: while we’re at it: the MiniFreak is also apparently not receiving USB MIDI information from another controller that I have, even though I have set it able to do so in the MIDI Utilities. So, it seems somehow related.)

I just bought this MiniFreak yesterday, btw.

Never mind-just figured it out. For those of you out there who might use UA Midi Control by Radu Varga, just know that as soon as you add another MIDI device to your system, UA Midi Control immediately grabs it as a device to receive MIDI from. And at that point ALV will NOT be able to use it as a MIDI device because it’s already occupied.

So, you gotta go into UA Midi Control settings and de-select the just added Midi Device, and then when going into ALV it will then be able to select it a a device.


Hi Deepmojoman and welcome to the new forum.
Many thanks for posting your findings after your initial post.
It may indeed be useful to someone else in the future. :sunglasses: