Mute note in Sequencer on Mac [Solved]

Great sound and the sequencer is great on Acid V but I’m struggling to find a way to mute notes in the sequencer. The manual says to right-click but I’ve tried the equivalent ctrl-click on my mac plus every other combo of alt, shift and cmd but it won’t mute a step in the sequence. Any help appreciated

I just tried - right click mutes for me.

Have you looked at you mouse settings in System Settings? How is the secondary click set up for example? It may be set to off.

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Worth trying out what @Funtmaster says, please let us know how you get on.

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@Funtmaster thanks that has worked. I’ve got used to my macs always being set up with the secondary click (equivalent of Windows right-click) being through pressing ctrl at the same time as clicking the mouse. It still seems a bit strange that ctrl-click didn’t mute notes.

Thanks also to @matjones