Mute midi out/pass thru per sequencer channel?

I am trying to use my BSP as the central brain for my mono synth modules. I have my main synth with a keyboard that I am running midi out to BSP midi in on channel 1. All of my BSP sequencers are set to channel1 for midi in. So I can sequence each channel from the same Keyboard.

The problem is that with Midi out running to a different synth module on each sequencer/channel, every time I press a key on my keyboard all three channels pass the note through and all synth play at once. This is expected, but I was hoping to block midi signal flow through the BSP using the per channel mute.

Mute does work for silencing a channel during playback of a sequence. But I also want to selectively pass my midi in notes through to only those sound modules that are unmuted. Is there anyway to do this?

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