Music with Mini-V, SEM-V, Modular-V, Jup-8V to check out

I put 2 songs in my music website: “Trying To Create” (has Modular-V) is the song on top, and “Save Me From Myself2” (has Mini-V, Jup-8V and SEM-V) is the next song down. Both songs have some non-Arturia synths. Please tell me how you like the music and how it can be improved, and I will return the favor if you wish! Here is my link:


Hey @aaron_aardvark

Interesting stuff mate!

1st one reminds me of Giorgio Moroder meets Miami Vice meets Fad Gadget, with a bit of Numan circa 1985 at the end; i’d possibly lay off the tom fills a bit myself, that’s just my opinion though if it’s worth anything, which it probably isn’t :wink:

Second one is a bit more difficult, Sparks spring to mind, probably to do with the vocals, again hints of Numan kicking about in there with the Vox Humanaish sound.
There’s something else too, which i can’t quite put my finger on though, that’s usually good thing i find, sort of familiarity without realising why. :sunglasses:

Keep them coming!

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Yeah fun stuff !
Sounds very 80’s. I agree with mat jones, Sparks or the Cars. And way too much tom fillins to my taste (especially with this old-style drums sounds).
I love the voice and the fx.
Needs a serious work on the mix and mastering… (I can help in my spare time if you need it).
But interesting and fun indeed. Keep it up !