Multiple AudioFuse 16rig

Hi all!
I know it has just been announced but, as i find it really attractive and interesting, I was wondering if the AudioFuse 16rig driver could support more than one 16rig, in order to use all the audio in/outs at the same time.

Thank you for anything that could point me in the right direction.

Hi @Jumpingflash and welcome to our Sound Explorers Forum

Yes, it does look like an EXTREMELY nice bit of kit!!

If you are on a Mac then I would imagine it’s possible, I’ve only heard the announcement myself a couple of hours ago and so haven’t had time to dig deep into the specs yet.

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No I was referring to the possibility to do it natively from the driver (especially on PC, but also on MAC), not with Aggregate Audio on Mac.
I have a couple of RME audio cards in the studio, that work with the same driver and letting me use all in/outs of the 2 cards combined at the same time.

The 16 rig could make me swap and change but I would need 2 16rig working together to make up for the 2 RME’s I would dismiss…

And I will subscribe, thanx!

Hi @Jumpingflash
Ok I see, I would be interested to know myself actually, like yourself, I’m running RME currently; but am looking at other options for various reasons.