MultiCore, Multicore and Multi-core?


Wondering what the deal is with all the different multi core options in analog lab? From what I can tell the ‘MultiCore’ option is there in global settings for all presets and the hover text mentions splitting the two instrument layers over multiple cores. My assumption is this means it doesn’t split polyphony processing when only one instrument layer is in use, only using a max of two cores for the two different layers.

‘Multi-core’ is only there for Piano V presets from what I can tell. it’s also under the preset settings section, which makes me think I need to enable this per preset? Every preset I’ve loaded has this already set though thankfully, is this setting multi-core polyphony? There isn’t any useful hover text for this one.

Finally the ‘Multicore’ option I’ve only seen for Pigments, but is in Global Settings along with ‘MultiCore’. There is no hover text for this one either. I assume this one is the pigments specific multicore support which I believe splits polyphony over cores?

I guess this is more of a request for Arturia to make multi-core more seemless with all the products in Analog lab as currently all the separate options are pretty confusing, especially how someone chose a slightly different english translation for multicore for each option :slight_smile:

PS the Pigments multicore support was a fantastic change and helped a lot with cpu intensive patches, would be great to get ‘true’ per-voice multicore support for all the V collection instruments eventually. One odd thing I found was the multicore switch state is saved with the preset, initially I changed it but loaded up a new project and realistic the new pigments instrument hadn’t remembered the multicore state. I updated my pigments default preset and it now works for all new presets, but I just thought it was an odd choice to save the multicore state with the preset rather than as a global option.


You’re right, the first “MultiCore” option is the one from analog lab settings, that splits the parts on different cores.
If you have loaded a pigments preset you’ll see below the pigments settings, which now also have the multicore parameter, that split the voices over the cores.
It is the same with the piano I think

Indeed it is very confusing that there are options per instrument in analog lab and not just one multicore on/off button that would also enable/disable the instrument multicore setting. Sadly we did not have the time to do this for Pigments 5 release, but we plan to simplify this as we would like to have this option on more instruments :slight_smile:

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So…how is that going? >_<