MS-20 is broken in Renoise

I wanted to test that plugin in Renoise, and I noticed that the patchbay is not useable at all. If I try to click on one input/output and drag, no cable appears.
I tried it in Ableton and it works as it’s supposed to.

I know this in happening because Arturia doesn’t support Renoise, but I think it’s really a pity. What would it cost to check if everything works correctly?

Hi @djerzinski we’re glad to see you here!

You can try to contact our support team that will guide you better on this situation.

Best :zap:

Hi Nats,
Yes, I sent a note to the support team. Just wondering if anybody else had the same problem (and would like to commiserate with me regarding Renoise’s lack of support).
Actually, it’s not always broken, today I retried, and I noticed sometimes it will work as usual, but I haven’t found the reason yet.