MPE function

Hi I updated to 3.1 version of fw and connect. Please can somebody to describe me the function of MPE. How does it work? I tried to understand…

Hello Pierre,
basically you can play 12 notes on the PB 12 at the same time with individual polyphonic aftertouch. Every key of the 61 can be played with individual key pressure, aka Polyphonic aftertouch.
The PB 6 can be played only monophonic aftertouch - except: Arturia used a nice trick, to extend it a little.
Quote from the manual - page 107 - “12.4.3. Expression Control>Duo Control”
“AT Duophonic: Aftertouch only affects the last played note, or group of notes that was played simultaneously.”

…try this site:

If you like to hear the power of PB 12 - listen to the review of Loopop:

Have fun.

Hello, thank you very much for your reply. However, in PB6, I see the possibility of MPE on off in the setup. But I don’t hear any change after turning it on and I just don’t see how it actually works. I get it in general, but how does work in PB6?

I don’t think you will hear any difference playing the PB6 by itself. The MPE setting allows it to receive MPE messages from a different MPE-capable controller.

“…receive MPE messages from a different MPE-capable controller.”
Absolutely right.

One drawback for live performer though: the Sequencer of the PB6 is NOT capable of “recording” those MIDI signals - and will therefore NOT replay Poly Aftertouch for the 6 individual voices.
(…whether the PB12 is capable will show the future)
I have contacted Arturia to this and the answer was rather “political” - the PB6 is not designed to do so…
An external sequencer can do it!
I use the AKAI MPCX by playing the 16 pads - and it replays it wonderfully in all details.
Enough for me, as I do not use the PB for live action.

  • I guess that a DAW can do so too…