MPE for multi-channel parameter control?

Hello - I’m trying to understand the capabilities of Pigments MPE feature. I can easily control the pitch bend on a per-note basis, but is it possible to also control specific parameters on a per-note basis? I see CC74 is default set to filter cutoff parameter – so does that mean that the cutoff parameter will modulate for each note that is playing?

I’m not really clear about this and would appreciate some help, thanks.

Since no one replied – after experimenting I concluded this is not possible in Pigments, unfortunately.

I would like to request this feature for a future release. Multi-channel parameter control would be a really powerful addition that would take advantage of MPE controllers.

Hi @superliminal . Welcome to the community.

Yes it’s possible. I don’t use MPE, but afaik, then it should work.

Midi CC#74 is just a midi CC. It’s true it’s in generel midi is set to be used for Cutoff, but it can be used for any parameter you set it to control. Also you don’t have to use midi CC#74. You can set the midi CC you wish to use. You should be able to see that when you enable MPE.

If you for example set midi CC#74 to control a Macro, then you can control multiple parameters that you can set the Macro to control.

Thanks for the reply LBH.

I’m actually controlling MPE programmatically with supercollider and VSTPlugin for supercollider. But it’s basically the same as using any MPE controller.

If I remember correctly when I tried to control a parameter with midi CC using MPE, only the first channel modulates the parameter. What I was expecting was this: say I’m playing three notes simultaneously (each on a separate midi channel), I want to be able to modulate the parameter on a per-note basis, so I can have a different parameter setting for each note that is playing (each parameter set on the appropriate midi channel). But I don’t think it’s possible.

Let me know if I’m mistaken about this. Thanks

Pigments have the No. Channels setting. Per note basis is essential for MPE.
In this video you can see Pigments can work pr note.
Venus Theory use an older Pigments in the video, but it should be the same in the new.

The rest should be a matter of your equiptment, how you can work with MPE in it and how you work with it.
For example DAW can need to be enabled to work with MPE, if it can at all.
I have no idea if you can work with MPE the way you want to.
I’ve tried to search for supercollider MPE and found nothing.

I know nothing about working with Supercollider. If you can start controlling Pigments in standalone mode, then i would suggest that.

Thanks @LBH for the confirmation, it seems like per-note control via the Macro controls should be possible. Its great to hear this is possible with Pigments.