Motion Recorder not always saving with patch

I find that the Motion Recorder won’t alway save with a patch. Has anyone else experienced this issue and found a work around?

Sometimes it does save what I do on the Motion Recorder, and other times it doesn’t, but the error seems to be associated with particular patches. With some patches, every time I go to them, I have to rerecord the Motion Recorder and then I’ll save the patch, but if I go to another patch and come back to that patch, the Motion Recording is gone. On other patches, it works as expected.

I haven’t identified any patterns to explain when it saves the Motion Recording or not. I am using the Motion Recorder to record patterns I make on the Morphee to affect sound Morphing from A to B.

My PolyBrute doesn’t have any special set up. It has the latest firmware and is just connected straight to a mixer and then to some speakers.

Hi unitoforce,

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Regarding the issues faced with the Motion recorder:

  • Normally, these should be properly saved, however we spotted an issue leading them not to be always properly played back after restarting the PolyBrute.

-After saving the preset and restarting the unit (and immediately loading the same preset) you may observe that the Motion Recording may not be played back and also possibly that some voices may be noisy and out of tune.

When such occurs, normally doing the following should help restore it to a working state:
-Load another preset
-Record another Motion Recording here
-Switch back to your previous preset and it should be normally from there working fine.

As a side note, our colleagues are currently working on a fix for this issue which will be released along with the next update to come but which still requires some work and significant validation phase.

Of course, let me know if this seems to match with your behaviors.

As a last note, in case you would observe different behaviors, to retrieve more precise details regarding your situation and ensure logging and forwarding these information properly, the best will be to reach our support team here (make sure to be logged on your account):

Have a nice day and looking forward to hearing from you!

Kind regards,