MORPHOLOGY - 50 Custom Patches for Arturia PolyBrute

Hello everyone,

Today I am proud to release MORPHOLOGY - 50 Custom Patches for Arturia PolyBrute.

As a sound designer, when programming I tried to push the PolyBrute in many different directions and take full advantage of all of its expressive capabilities.

MORPHOLOGY’s 50 patches contain various leads, basses, pads, strings, arps, sequences, keys, soundscapes, textures and FX. All patches have A + B layers for full morphing and use morphee, ribbon, aftertouch, and mod wheel to give you additional sonic possibilities within the patch itself.

I believe this sound pack covers a lot of interesting sonic territory for musicians and listeners alike. Of course, the PolyBrute made it all possible thanks to its deep sound engine, extensive mod matrix and expressive controllers, and analog morphing capabilities. Patches are compatible with original PolyBrute and the PolyBrute 12, and require firmware version 3.0+.

I hope you enjoy exploring and performing with these patches on your Arturia PolyBrute as much as I do on mine should you acquire them, and look forward to your thoughts.

Of course, happy to share insights on PolyBrute sound design as well, if any questions.

Thanks so much and hope you enjoy the sounds!


This is a great sound bank and i featured it over in my weekly Sounds & Presets column on :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoy the patches and appreciate your kind words. :slight_smile:

It was a lot of fun to create this sound bank and explore the sonic possibilities of PolyBrute’s mod matrix and expressive controllers.

Thanks for highlighting it on your website!