Mono play mode retriggers notes

I have a present with Mono play mode. I play note C. While I hold Note C, I play Note G. When I release just Note G Pigments retrigger Note C. Is there any way to stop retriggering stolen notes in mono mode like Retrologue?

I don’t think Pigments has an option like that. That Retrigger being on is the standard way monosynths operate.

Hi @atmuc . Welcome to the community.

In the bottom panel of Pigments 5 you find the Play Mode setting. The Legato mode is Mono without retrigger.

Also keep in mind, that modules like Envelopes can have it’s own retrigger set individually.

@LBH I tried Legato mode, but it still retriggers the note, just not the envelope.

That’s how it works.

If you don’t have Sustain on the envelopes then the sound will fade out in Legato mode because envelopes are’nt retriggered.

Hi @LBH,

Legato is different than mono. I need something like Retrologue has. No retriggering the stolen notes, triggering envelopes for all new notes.

Then Pigments does’nt have it like @Talahamut said.