Mod wheel is also bringing filter cutoff down

I’m finding that when setting Oscillator 3’s output off and setting its footage to LO to use it for vibrato, the pitch modulation occurs when sending the plugin CC 1 via a controller’s mod wheel, but in addition to that, upward motion of the mod wheel is also bringing the filter cutoff frequency down. The MIDI Config for the patch I’m working on is “Default” and the MIDI Controller setting is “Generic MIDI Controller.” The filter drop also occurs if I move the plugin’s GUI’s mod wheel up. In the MIDI Config list there is no entry for CC 1 and what’s assigned to “CutOff” is CC 74. I’ve got three controllers here; all three are sending mod wheel/lever motion as CC 1. Can someone tell me why CC 1 is also having an effect on filter cutoff?

Hi @NewNumbers,

The Default preset have an additional LFO applied. To do things the original Minimoog way like it sounds like you want, then you first have to remove that. You can remove it in the Modultion Matrix that you find in the advanced section.

To add the modulation from VCO3 using the modwheel you have two red switches on the main GUI.
The red switch in the Oscilator section is named OSCILATOR MODULATION. When ON the modulation can be applied to the Pitch.
The red switch in the Filter section is named FILTER MODULATION. When ON the modulation is applied to the Filter.
Pitch and Filter modulation should follw exach other and not go in opposite directions like yoou mention.

Midi CC #01 is reserved for Modwheel.
This have nothing to do with midi CC.

Feel free to ask further.

Modulation Matrix setting was the problem - thank you.

Good that was it. Glad i could help.