Mod matrix empty on presets

Playing about with some the presets. I can see controls moving. I.e wave. But there is nothing assigned in the mod matrix. Anyone know what’s happening here?

HI @insideoutside. Welcome to the community.,

I would help, if you named a factory preset to check out.

It could sound like it could be Sequnced presets. In that case the modulation can come from the mods in the sequencer.

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The preset is called Breese.

I checked the sequencer. There is some velocity information but nothing else from what I can see.

Hi again @insideoutside ,

The Breese preset does have modulations going on the in the sequencer mods. Cutoff, FX3 Amount and Osc2 Wave is modulated.
Click the MODS/ modulation button in Sequencer view. Be sure to look the whole sequencers steps trough.

An easy way to conclude it’s about the sequencer is to set the sequencer off.

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@LBH star. Thanks so much :grin:

You are welcome @insideoutside