MMC Start/Stop with Pedal or Footswitch

Dear community, im new here and i dont know how to fix the following problem:

I want to start and stop sequences by using a foot switch or pedal to have My hands free, while playing bass. Since the last firmware update of the ksp it should be possible. I asked the arturia Support for a sollution and they recommended a Nektar Pacer, so i bought it. I connected them and set the Global midi channel in both device to 1. I also Set the ksp to transport reiceive “both” and finally i was able to configure midi Program changes that i could switch projects on the ksp with the Nektar. That seems like its connected fine. Unfortunately the mmc messages arent working. I am able to choose a device id at the Nektar and none worked so i Set it to 127 because i read somewhere, that it would send the mmc to all device id’s 0-126 then. It still doesnt work. Does anybody had a similar problem and fixed it? Is the Nektar not working because there is no clock in it? I want to use the ksp clock and only that it receives start/Stop.

Btw.: I dont get why Arturia writes that mmc start/Stop is possible but doesnt explain how to use. There has to be a way, why would it be in the firmware update then?

Thank you very much for your help, greets Chris

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Nobody can help? :unamused:

Hi. I have pretty much the same problem, I am trying to use a Morningstar MC6 pro to send MMC ‘start’ and ‘stop’ as well as scene changes. The scene changes work fine, but no start/stop.

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I just sold the Nektar pacer because i found no solution to get start/stop work . Doesnt anybody know any foot midi Controller which works in this case? The arturia Support wasnt helpful as well…

Good to know, i wanted to try with your device as well…

I just heared that it could be possible to start/stop the keystep pro with keith mcmillen softstep 2 but i didnt try yet. Does anyone know?