Mkii split: another synth + AnalogLab

New to Arturia mkii.
Trying to do this:
Split the keyboard so:

  • half (say, left) midi-controls only the Lab (invokes Lab sounds)
  • other half midi-controls both, Lab (but diff preset than the left half), plus midi-controls a Behringer DeepMind (whatever its current preset is).

Is this possible?
If yes - how?

Already tested no-split setup:
midi-out from mkii to midi-in DeepMind (plus mkii USB to computer):
both, Lab and DeepMind sounds invoked.

It looks like you can set up a keyboard split for the KeyLab mkii in MIDI Control Center. You’ll just have to set the individual sound sources (Analog Lab tracks in your DAW or DeepMind hardware) to listen to the MIDI Channels you assign to each split.